Double Your Tax Credits This Year 
With the Oregon Cultural Trust

Notice From Oregon Cultural Trust – November 2017

Dear members of Oregon’s eligible Cultural Non-Profits:
Did you know you can double the impact of your (eligible) donation(s) at no additional cost through the Oregon Cultural Tax Credit? 

Keep track of your donations to our cultural nonprofits. Then donate that much to the Oregon Cultural Trust and get that same amount back as a tax credit.You can donate all you like to The Trust, but these are the limits for tax credits: $500 limit per individual, $1,000 limit per couple filing jointly and $2,500 for Class-C corporations.

Your donation will be used to fund Oregon culture statewide, all 98,000 square miles of it. You’re helping keep Oregon, Oregon. To see if your favorite organization is one of our 1,400 cultural nonprofits visit our site at Donate by Dec. 31.

Oregonians fund The Trust. We, in turn, fund the artists, potters, rappers, acrobats, and dreamers who make Oregon, Oregon. Every year we disperse funds via our 1,400 cultural nonprofits, our 45 county/tribal Coalitions and our five Statewide Partners. Learn how you can DOUBLE the impact of your favorite cultural donation for FREE at

Supporting arts, heritage, and humanities throughout the state is why the Oregon Cultural Trust exists, and why organizations like yours are important. Together, the Cultural Trust, cultural nonprofits, and donors ensure that our future generations will learn and experience what makes Oregon culturally unique.

The Cultural Trust awards millions of dollars in grants each year to cultural nonprofits, coalitions, and tribes.

To learn more visit

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