Here at the Port Orford Public Library, we strive to continuously connect to our vibrant community on the Southern Oregon Coast, through our many programs, and live events, with the support of our patrons and generous donors to welcome and serve all who walk through our doors with open arms.

When we choose which programs to run, it is with you in mind.
It is for this reason that we offer many free library events throughout the year, while fostering relationships with community partners, to bring necessary information through presentations, relevant meetings and exclusive engagements directly to you.

The library is a place that values learning and engagement and is rich with experiences in many different forms. So it is our great pleasure to continue to engage you, our patrons, while taking pride in the work that we do.

Some of our past and ongoing offerings have included author readings, live musical performances, local poetry contests, interactive children’s functions and various community workshops.

In 2017 we hosted a free documentary and scientific discussion to commemorate the rare total solar eclipse event, observable over the state of Oregon.

In 2018 we look forward to maintaining the standard that has been set in previous years. As our community grows and the needs and wishes of our guests ebb and flow, we hope to expand our operations in ways that offer you more value and a better overall experience, while connecting you to important resources.

Remember, when in doubtask a librarian.

Now, with that above in mind, we would like your feedback.
Please tell us how we can serve you better, by answering the brief survey below.

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