The Port Orford Public Library recognizes the need to protect your privacy regarding the questions you ask and the materials you borrow or use in the library.  All library records relating to your use of the library and its resources are confidential (ORS 192.503).  Such records, whether print or electronic, include, but are not limited to, library card registration records, email addresses, circulation records, computer reservation records.

The library keeps the minimum number of records necessary for maintaining operations. Library records are disclosed only:

  • Upon presentation of a library card.
  • Upon presentation of a library card number and birth date.
  • Upon presentation of photo I.D.
  • Upon request of a parent or legal guardian of a child under 13 years of age who accepted responsibility and who is named on the record.  A parent or legal guardian must show a photo I.D. or library card.
  • Under a written court order, a subpoena or search warrant presented by a documented official and then only with the express consent of the Library Director and the District’s Legal Counsel.

All other patron usage is kept for statistical purposes only and no identifying information is retained.  We avoid creating or retaining unnecessary records. Computer sign-up sheets, materials recommendation requests, interlibrary loan requests, and other such documents are destroyed after necessary information is collected.

Patron records include only current information such as items currently checked out, items on hold, and overdue materials and fines. Patrons can “opt-in” to have their circulation information saved in their library account. Patrons are entitled to view their personal information electronically and are responsible for keeping the information accurate and up-to-date.

The Director of the Library is the custodian of library records and is the only party authorized to receive or comply with public records requests or inquiries from law enforcement officers.  The Director may delegate this authority to other members of the library management team.  The Director confers with the District’s Legal Counsel before determining the proper response to a request for records.


  1. Basic responsibility for the selection of library materials shall be the job of the Library Director, in accordance with the Guidelines below.
  1. Library materials shall neither be included nor proscribed because of the race, nationality, political or religious views of the author, or because of individual or group prejudice within the community.  We support the “Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View” reports of the American Library Association.  We have adopted the ALA Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom reports as official library policy.
  1. Suggestions from library patrons will be encouraged.  A Suggestion/ Request page will be placed in the library for patron use.  
  1. A “Request for Book/Materials Reconsideration” form is available for any patron who wants materials in the library reconsidered (see form at the end of this section).
  1. General Guidelines:  

It is the goal of the Library Board and Staff to provide patrons with a well-rounded collection that reflects a broad range of interests and points of view.  Due to space limits, however, the collection is necessarily restricted in scope and numbers.  Donations are a welcomed, necessary part of any library collection; however, the library reserves the right to determine whether or not the donated materials fit the scope and space limitations of the collection.  We do not add abridgments, and we try to add as few items of marginal use as possible.  The collection constantly undergoes assessment and change as materials are added and discarded.  Portions of the collection that need to be updated or expanded are noted, as are areas in which little circulation occurs.  Particular attention is given to the breadth and depth of the collection during the annual inventory.  The library’s established interlibrary loan arrangements with libraries both within and outside of Curry County make it possible to respond to almost any patron request for a particular book.

Selection of books in all categories will be guided by literary reviews, recommendations for small libraries, and patron requests.  Specific criteria for collection development are as follows:

BooksSelection of books of fiction will include English and American literature, best-sellers, and a wide variety of recreational reading that reflects the interests of our patrons.

Selection of books of non-fiction will provide some basic works in every major subject area, and a more thorough treatment of those areas in which our patrons have special interest.

  • The adult reference collection will be as up-to-date as space and the budget allow.  The goal is to have at least one current general reference work in every major subject area.
  • The adult large print and the young adult collections will be updated and enhanced relative to circulation statistics.  The young adult non-fiction collection will include books on current topics as well as those of major public interest.
  • The children’s collection will contain award-winning literature, titles for ages from birth to teens, and up-to-date non-fiction and reference materials.

Audiovisual Materials:

  • Purchase of videos or DVDs will be limited to those that are primarily educational in nature.  Preference will be given to DVD over VHS.
  • The collection of books on audiocassette, CD and MP3 will reflect both fiction and non-fiction materials. Preference will be given to CD and MP3 over audiocassette.  Particular attention will be given to requests from patrons who are visually-impaired.
  • The collection of music CDs will reflect a wide range of music, determined primarily by what materials are donated.  There is no budget for a music collection.


  • The magazine collection will be made up of titles of local interest. Articles from other magazines may be obtained from other Curry County libraries by FAX.
  • The three Curry County newspapers will be purchased each year, augmented by daily papers as the budget permits.



Circulation Periods

A majority of circulating library materials may be checked out for 21 days, DVD’s may be checked out for 7 days.  All items may be renewed twice unless someone else is waiting for them, in which case they may not be renewed.  Other check-out arrangements may be made with the permission of the Library Director.

Reminders of overdue materials will be given to patrons by email.

Fines and Charges

The Library no longer charges fines.  Items that are damaged or lost will be charged to the patron at full cost.  Arrangements may be made to replace lost or damaged items with a new copy in lieu of payment.